Vital Information for Every woman over 50…
Painful Sex & Vaginal Pain is Caused by...
Vaginal Dryness
“New Vaginal Dryness Gel
Discovered by Canadian 
Pharmacist Enables Both
You and Your Partner To have
a GREAT Sex Life Again!”
Announcing: 100% Natural Breakthrough!
Dear Ladies:

My name is Alan Glasser and I’m a ‘compounding’ pharmacist in a small British Columbia, Canada, town called Delta.  

Often you will find me working at my pharmacy, (called Mark’s Pharmacy – and you are welcome to visit anytime). 
Just don’t expect me to count out pills for prescriptions, instead I spend a lot of time in the back laboratory looking for ways to help alleviate pain or discomfort for my clients using more natural, safer methods.

As I and my clients have grown older over the years, I’ve learned about the pain associated with Vaginal Dryness.

(Some of my clients under 50 were suffering just as much as you).
In fact, this is what I’ve learned from just some of my customers:
It feels like sandpaper rubbing against your vagina wall
There is ‘no sex tonight’ or any night due to the intense pain 
Many are too embarrassed to discuss these symptoms with their partner: grey, watery discharge, burning, a pungent ‘fish’ odor, post coital bleeding – because men just don’t want to hear about it 
You have such an ‘insane’ itch that is occupying your every moment without relief
Vaginal Dryness Is A Very Serious Issue, Which Left Unchecked, Can Lead To Over-Use Of Pain Medication, Serious Illness, Avoiding Sex, And Even The End Of Your Marriage
When I understood just how bad the pain from vaginal dryness was I was determined to do something about it.

Up to now there were very few non-hormonal treatments or natural remedies to treat this very serious condition. 

Not only that, many ‘male doctors’ just don’t know what to do. Those of you who know me will know that’s the kind of challenge I like to beat.    
What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know
  • Vaginal dryness is a very common but ‘secret’ agony that the vast majority of woman will face at one time or another in their lives.
  • It may appear overnight, or it may be a gradual build up – but once it hits - it hits hard.
  • Like Sandpaper down there
  • For a lot of women, they describe it as it if someone was rubbing sandpaper inside their vagina.
  • This leads to painful sex as well as delayed orgasm.
  • Even if you’re not sexually active, it feels like sandpaper.
  • Stabbing Pain
  • Some women have even described it as knifes in their urethra. That’s extremely painful - and will shut down your sex life completely.
  • If the stabbing pain of knifes in your vagina weren’t enough, you may experience lower back pain, abdominal pain, burning, urgency, voiding in small amounts, maybe have a fever.
Current Treatments & Bad Science
“However, I did A Lot of Research 
 and Actually Consider Myself A
Bit of An Expert On Vaginal Dryness.”
They Laughed At Me When I Said I Am Going To Find A Solution:
I want to share with you the challenge of finding the right ingredients –in the right amounts – from the right suppliers.
It was not an easy task. 

I went back to the drawing board often. Some of my professional (male) colleagues snickered and joked about me. ‘Who are you testing it on, Alan?’
Testing, Testing And More
Testing But I Got It!
I did a lot of testing, over and over again. This was important.  No matter what, I just kept testing until I got right! 

I can tell you that when I finally finished and all the testing came back with some incredible stories (like Lisa’s below), I had a difficult time keeping my original supply of Lady V in stock.
"Lisa married her childhood sweetheart right out of high school. Thirty-three years later their once happy marriage – the envy of their friends - was in danger of ending.

Lisa felt so much pain due to vaginal dryness that making love to her husband was impossible. No matter how much love was between them he could not understand her sudden decision to stop having sex. Sadly, she was too embarrassed to discuss the reason, and he decided he no longer found her sexual appealing.

Fortunately, Lisa heard about Lady V through a Radio Health Commentator and immediately drove to Delta to get some for herself at Mark’s.

Within weeks Lisa and her husband were ‘back at it’ – but Lisa knew in her heart that had she ignored her problem her husband would have been searching for another option." 

Lisa, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Full Name withheld by request.
What Health Show Host Reveals
Alan Glasser, Host of the Health Works Radio Show Reveals How Women Can Return to the Bedroom with Confidence and Having ‘her sexy’ back.
Does "Lady V " work? 
I often see women come into my practice in their 40's and 50's, complaining of vaginal dryness that leads to painful sex, effectively ending their sex life. They are confused and upset.

These silent sufferers are now lucky, really lucky, to have access to the benefits of Lady V!

I explain to them that Lady V is 100% natural and also helps balance the PH of the vagina and can also assist the body to increase vaginal moisture and may also increase elasticity.

Combined with coconut oil, which helps keep the tissues youthful, and hyaluronic acid which can help repair the lining, Lady V can help to bring back the full, thick wet tissues down there, leaving you symptom free and ready to resume your right to a full and happy sex life.

Bottom line: I wholeheartedly recommend Lady V to any woman, of any age, who is experiencing vaginal dryness or painful sex due to vaginal dryness.  Lady V is a great option for women!

Alan Glasser, is the host of the CKNW Health Works Radio Show on 980 AM, an informative and lively listener call-in show about health. 
Mark’s Pharmacy Is Proud To Announce My 
New Natural Product For All Women Suffering
From Vaginal Dryness – Lady V!
What is Lady V?
  • The only 100% natural gel that will eliminate those ‘burning’ symptoms. Finally, freedom! Allowing you a return to pleasure.
  • Contains Aloe Vera to ‘turn back the clock’ nature’s way, helping your vagina return to a moist, fuller, and healthy place.
  • You will enjoy the soothing feeling of Coconut Oil. The Lauric Acid in the Coconut Oil has been proven to hunt down and eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungus. It also protects from re-occurring attacks. 
  • Aloe Vera not only moisturises the vagina’s skin, (without being greasy), it contains an abundance of antioxidants including, vitamin C, E, and beta carotene that can help improve the vagina’s natural firmness and keep its different layers of skin and tissue hydrated.
  • Sadly, today we only have 50% of Hyaluronic Acid that we had in our 20’s. Lady V’s optimum blend of Hyaluronic Acid helps keep the vagina’s tissue staying plump and hydrated. 
  • Together these ingredients help to synergistically temporally banish dryness and pain, and can help bring your vagina back to it’s healthy, microbe-free state, and return your vagina to its fuller, moist appearance. 
  • 100% safe, and easy to use – just apply to your vagina daily for the first week then use 3 times weekly. Satisfaction is completely guaranteed or money refunded.
This is 100% natural, and there is no other treatment like it, over the 
counter or by prescription!
Why Should You Listen To Alan?
In 34 years of clinical practice, Alan has always had a passion for finding answers for his clients. His greatest enlightenment came when working as a pharmacist, he noticed that clients were not always happy with the results from conventional medication.

This started him on a path of discovery and his extensive research into complementary medicine. His greatest successes have been in the areas of pain relief, energy and natural beauty solutions.

While most people think of a pharmacist as a person ‘selling drugs’ – a vendor for ‘Big Pharma’ - that’s not the case with Alan.
In fact, if you visit him in his Delta, BC pharmacy, you’ll find it packed with ‘natural products,’ supplements and traditional treatments as well as your normal ‘behind the counter’ drugs.

That’s because Alan’s first course of action is to always seek a ‘natural’ remedy for your health problem – and if there isn’t – he will lock himself away to research to find a formula that is natural and non-invasive.
It was that motivation that lead Alan to the Dramatic Discovery of Lady V.

Glasser was frustrated by the lack of natural help for the many women who were suffering from vaginal dryness.

Normally most women suffer in silence many of his long time clients – who he watched grow into middle age – now confided in him – often in tears - about the ‘sandpaper’ like pain in their vagina.
And from his endeavor came a dramatic… 
Natural Scientific Breakthrough!
“Lady V Works Because Of Three Key Ingredients 
That Will Help Turn Back The Clock And Give You 
A Moist, Pain-Free Vagina.”
Sexual & Life Restoring Compound #1:
Aloe Vera, Avocado, Sunflower, Jojoba, Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip, Carrot and our patented organic MSM.
  • The chief ‘secret’ in Lady V is our amazing compound of Aloe Vera, Avocado, Sunflower, Jojoba, Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip, Carrot and patented organic MSM. This powerful combo synergistically helps to treat vaginal dryness naturally.
  • By adding Aloe Vera – what ancient Egyptians called the “plant of immortality” to our all-natural compound, Lady V helps to bring back your vagina back to it’s natural ‘youthful’ self-lubricating condition – like when you were in your 20’s and 30’s. 
  • Further, Aloe Vera is used in Lady V because it contains Giberellin, which helps to stimulates the growth of new cells and allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally reduces scarring tissue. 
  • Our unique Lady V formula also includes high levels of patented organic MSM, which is well known to improve damaged or dry skin and tissue and is essential to re-moisten a painfully dry vagina. 
  • Avocado is a proven to help sooth dry and itchy skin and it has important antifungal properties. When used in the compound amounts chosen in Lady V, avocado oil is deeply absorbed by the vagina’s skin, thus making it a perfect moisturizer and vagina care product.  
  • Avocado and Sunflower oil, used together in Lady V, help to eliminate the itchy and painful symptoms that our clients had experienced. The vitamin E in Sunflower oil helps to repair and regenerate new tissue and avocado oil increases the production of collagen, which helps keep the skin plump as our vaginas were meant to be.  
  • Rose hip oil is a wonder-ingredient. It is proven to help speed up the migration cycle of keratin, an essential part of our skin cells renovation. Not only that, the essential fatty acids present in rose hip oil work to help skin hydration. The benefits of this oil work together to help make your vagina look healthier, younger and moister. 
  • The high amounts of Vitamin A in Lady V also help maintain healthy mucous membranes. It’s this mucous that keeps our vaginas naturally lubricated and pain free – not just during sex, but all day and all night. 
  • The amazing compound of aloe vera, avocado, sunflower, jojoba, sea buckthorn, rosehip and carrot work together to help to protect your vagina from inflammation, (a leading suspect in cancer), because of the high amounts of healthy antioxidants like beta carotene and Vitamin C. 
  • Even healthy vagina’s can use Lady V to keep them that way. But if you are even slightly dry, you owe it to yourself and your partner to try Lady V two to four times per week to avoid serious health risks down the road. 
Sexual & Life Restoring Ingredient #2: 
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is now being considered one of the world’s
best kept secrets for heath and healing, including dementia. 

It’s long been known that populations that consume the most coconut oil are among the healthiest on the planet. The Tokelauans, who live in the South Pacific have no evidence of heart disease yet 60% of their diet comes from a saturated fat – you guessed it – Coconut Oil.
Why We Use It
Of course that’s not why we added Coconut Oil to Lady V. We added this amazing natural curative because about half of the fatty acids in Coconut Oil are Lauric Acid.  

Lauric Acid is a proven anti-microbial – in other words it kills harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi. 
Just as a dry mouth can breed harmful bacteria that can lead to gingivitis, gum disease and the eventual loss of teeth, a dry vagina is a breeding ground for chronic yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.

Bacterial vaginosis is not something you – or your lover - want to experience: its characterized by a grayish watery discharge with a pungent fish-like smell. 

Those who have taken a regime of antibiotics are in even more in danger of a bacterial attack.
The Lauric Acid in Coconut Oil has been proven to hunt down and eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungus.

Coconut Oil is also a great lube

– besides helping to moisturize and soothe the vagina walls, and prevent yeast infections, it is wonderfully lubricating and will help you with fore-play in preparation for your partner.
Lauric Acid is not the only microbe fighter in Coconut Oil – the caprylic acid in Coconut oil has been scientifically proven to ‘explode the nucleus’ of candida yeast cells which halts the yeast from reproducing.

Why not use 100% natural Lady V instead of expensive synthetic oils that spoil the moment, are not natural, and often are of dubious quality?
Sexual & Life Restoring Ingredient #3: 
Hyaluronic Acid
Could sugar be good for your vagina?

Turns out it can – as long as it’s in the form of Hyaluronic acid – or as it can be uncommonly described – a long chain of disaccharides – a sugar – that is responsible for retaining moisture in the skin.

As we age 50% of our levels of hyaluronic acid fall and as a result, we have sagging, dry skin. If you were able to really see the difference of your vagina at your present age, vs. when you were twenty, you would see the difference clearly. But chances are you feel the difference without needing a ‘before and after’ photo.
We all know that the vast majority of the body is water. Water brings a ‘fullness’ to the vagina, and hyaluronic acid is what allows the skin and tissue to retain hundreds of times its weight in water.

This ‘fullness’ is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is what helps keep the vagina tissues strong, hydrated, (moist) and plump. The result is not only a healthy vagina, it makes sexual intercourse pleasing and non-painful. 

Oddly enough, by adding hyaluronic acid, we can help the body begin to increase its own production of hyaluronic acid - creating a powerful effect: a moist, full and pain-free vagina. 

Hyaluronic acid ‘lifts’ the skin, even inside the vagina, where you might not visually notice, but you will feel the effects very quickly.
Hyaluronic acid is so effective, it’s used in the cosmetic industry to puff up lips and cheeks and as a wrinkle reducer – under the brand name Restylane.

Lady V uses a perfect blend of Hyaluronic acid to help bring back your vagina’s moisture and ‘fullness’ – even your partner will feel the difference!
Why You Must Start Using
Lady V Tonight…
Super Unknown Health Benefit You Never Knew About…
The Health Risks of NOT being your Sexual Self: 
Sex is much more than fun!
The Danger Of A Dry Vagina Is Not Just Potential 
To Acquire Harmful Pathogens Like Bacteria, 
Viruses And Fungus, But It Will Eventually Lead 
To The Avoidance Of Sex Due To Pain."  
Yet… "Having sex regularly can do more than make you feel closer to your partner—it can actually make you physically healthier," champions Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Columbia University and author of Pleasure: A Woman's Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need, and Deserve.

How? In many ways.
1. Having regular sex helps your body defend itself against viruses and germs.
Having sex once or twice a week will increase protective antibodies - immunoglobulin A - in your immune system, according to a widely reported Wilkes University study.

“Sexually active people take fewer sick days,” according to Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD a sexual health expert. 
2. By improving your bladder control. 
That’s right, by having regular intercourse, you will keep your pelvic floor muscles strong. Each time you orgasm you involuntary contract these muscles, and thus strengthen them.

30% or more women will have bladder control issues unless something is done to prevent it. Sex is a great tool to prevent this socially challenging issue.
3. Sharper Minds and Better Memory
The Centre for Research in Psychology, Behavior and Achievement at Coventry University in England completed a fascinating study that should drive you to the bed room ‘jolly fast’. 

They found that folks over 50 who were more sexually active vs. those who were not, had much better cognitive skills and memory. 

This includes the brain’s ‘executive’ function, like paying attention, solving problems and planning. 

So ladies, if you want your man to pay more attention to you, get him back into bed.
I Only Want The Best For You:
"Lady V is made in Canada. It’s not a ‘white label product’ cooked up in a Chinese drug factory.

Our manufacturing Facility follows National Sanitation Foundations Good Manufacturing Practices NSF GMP Registration."
Alan Glasser
Lady V Banned from Radio?
While there was a lot of local success for women able to use Lady V, I was pushed by many to ‘get the word out’ so that other women in the surrounding communities and towns could get relief too. 

So I had a radio ad created to let women know that there was a natural method to help soothe away the pain caused by vaginal dryness, and guess what?

Dark Ages

The MEN at the radio station, (I won’t name the station), told me I could not use the words ‘vaginal dryness’ in my ad.
I was told I could say ‘penis’, (Really? In an ad for women?), but not the word vagina.

Some men are still in the dark ages.
Double Standard

But no. There is still a big double standard. My wife, Barb, said ‘What do you expect Alan, I still pay more than you for haircuts, and even Bernie, our dry cleaner charges us more for my blouses than your shirts.’

Well I can’t do much about the double standard in hair salons or dry cleaners, but I’m NOT going to let any 19th century MEN-tality stop any woman from getting the help she deserves.

Lady V - 30 Day Supply $99.97
Limited Offer $69.99 !
"I have been using Premarin cream twice a week - it's expensive and don't get me going on the side-effects... By chance I saw Lady V in Alan Glasser's pharmacy and decided to try it. 

Wow, you can feel the immediate soothing and relief - it's a treasure and it works fast. Now that I use Lady V twice a week, I find more relief, I save money and reduce side effects from prescription drugs!"

E.S., 77, Delta, BC
So it’s your choice tonight…
Run upstairs to join your husband in 
bed for an evening of making love…
Make up another excuse to avoid his desire for you and suffer the pain of Vaginal Dryness in silence? 
Ask yourself:
Are you part of the silent, suffering majority?
  • Are you one of the 70% of post-menopausal women who experience vaginal dryness or vaginal deterioration?
  • Vaginal deterioration – also called vaginal atrophy, urogenital atrophy or urovalvovaginal atrophy are different names for the same experience: pain in a place that should only bring you pleasure.
  • While many women suffer in silence some seek help only to end up with male doctors that frankly just don’t ‘get it’.
  • Some of these Doctors are just not interested, some don’t understand, and some will just prescribe anti-anxiety medication to get you out the door.
Take action now, within days you’ll 
notice the difference, and so will 
your partner.
"Within 3 weeks of using Lady V my husband and I were back in the sack like we were 20 again"

 Sally Peters, 53, Langley, BC
1 month supply
  • 30 Day Supply
  • Use 3 to 4 Times Per Week
  • ENJOY a Full Sex Life

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Order Today And Enjoy Your Nights

It was something I couldn't even discuss with my girl friends.
I remember it started around the time I turned 51. At first I was sure it would go away, but it only got worse. I really had no idea who to turn to, because, frankly, I was too embarrassed to talk about it. I thought I was alone.
At first is was just vagianl dryness, but then the pain started. And it got worse and worse.
We gave up sex... my husband was understanding, but he was still a virial man, and I was worried about losing him.
Fortunately, I heard about your product on the radio, and decided to give it a try.
It was like magic.
Right aways the dryness went away, and slowly the pain did too, it took about a week [for me] to be back to normal.
Since then, our sex life has returned, and I'll never stop using Lady V. Thank you.

Sarah E. North Vancouver, BC
Alan Glasser
B. Sc (Pharm)
Limited Offer $69.99! 
P.S. This offer will be available at this special promotion price for a limited time only. I reserve the right to increase the sale price at any time without warning or notice due to increased costs.

Remember there is absolutely no reason for you to suffer. You can take advantage of my 100% Risk Free Offer and money back guarantee and begin enjoying life again.   

See you on the other side!
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